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What Is The Best Cryptocurrency Exchange?

The Best Places to Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and Other Cryptocurrencies.

Unlike typical stock investments, there are no brokers that offer cryptocurrencies. In crypto, you purchase your investments through an exchange. Analogous to exchanging USD for EUR, you exchange your USD for Bitcoin, Ethereum or another USD based cryptocurrency.

Furthermore, you are not tied to the custodian who holds the cryptocurrency you purchased. You can transfer that coin out of the exchange and into a personal wallet - which in itself becomes your personal “bank account” for that coin.

Cool, let’s move on to the best places to buy your crypto.

There are over 200 exchanges, each with its own specialty. Which exchange you choose depends on your intentions and needs. We’ll outline the main guys here.

Ease of Use & Security

Coinbase - Buy and Sell Bitcoin

Coinbase is arguably the most simple way to buy cryptocurrency. If Bitcoin has recently peeked your interest and you want to make the jump into the crypto world, Coinbase is the best exchange to get into Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Gemini - The Next Generation Digital Asset Exchange

Gemini is centered around security. They provide FDIC insurance for cash balances in the exchange, a unquie selling point in the crypto world. While the platform is not as intuitive as Coinbase, it is the best for those looking into security. Gemini currently supports Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Access to Alternative Coins (altcoins)

Binance - Exchange the World

Binace is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchanges, with support for over 100+ coins. If you're looking for main altcoins - like Ripple, Monero and Verge - Binance is best exchange for you. Creating an account is easy, however you'll need to transfer another currency into the exchange to access their coins.

KuCoin - Bitcoin Exchange

KuCoin is another leading cryptocurrency exchange, home to a variety of lesser known coins. If blockchain projects like OriginTrail, UTRUST and SingularityNET peek your interest, you should check out what KuCoin has to offer. They are similar to Binance in that you'll need to transfer another cryptocurrency into their exchange to start.

Enhanced Trading Platform

GDAX - Global Digital Asset Exchange

GDAX is Coinbase's trading platform, one of the cleanest interfaces in the market. The trading interface may be a bit unintuitive if you're coming from a stock trading background, but it quickly becomes easy to navigate. One thing to remember is that these exchanges treat your trades as orders - aka there are no tracking of your profit/loss and other trading norms.

Bitfinex - For UK Citizens

Bitfinex is one of the leading exchanges to buy and sell a list of 25+ cryptocurrencies through fiat deposit or BTC/ETH base. Their trading platform is one of the most detailed and cleanest in the market. If you are outside of the US and are looking for the best altcoin trading platform, I would look into Bitfinex.

Digital Golgi - The Crypto Exchange Connect

For an even easier way to buy into any coin across any exchange, plug your exchanges into Digital Golgi. We are your one stop shop to easily buy and sell any cryptocurrency in three clicks or less. You can sign up now to start buying and selling right from your mobile device.


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