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Where Can I Buy Cryptocurrency in the USA?

How to Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Other Cryptocurrencies

Which cryptocurrency peaks your interest?

Bitcoin - the frontrunner of the crypto movement? Ethereum - the leading blockchain development platform? Or is it one of the 1000+ other alternative coins?

Bitcoin and Ethereum are relatively simple to buy into and have many resources available. However, for most of the lower market cap coins, it’s import to know where to look.

Bitcoin, Ethereum & Litecoin

These are the main guys and are relatively easy to get into. Here are some of the main palces to buy them in the USA.

Coinbase - Buy and Sell Bitcoin

Coinbase is the most popular way to buy into Bitcoin in the US. They have a mobile app that makes it super easy to buy into Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litcoin and Bitcoin Cash. You are able to use credit card for instant purchase (3.99% fee) or bank transfer (1.49% fee).

GDAX - Global Digital Asset Exchange

GDAX is Coinbase's trading exchange. They boast zero fees for bank transfer and SEPA deposit. The platform can be tricky to navigate for beginners, but it is well worth the lack of fees if you're moving a large sum.

Gemini - The Next Generation Digital Asset Exchange

Gemini a is Bitcoin and Ethereum exchange, focused on security. They are regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services as a custodian of digital assets. Bank transfers into Gemini are free using either ACH or wire transfer.

BRD (Bread) - Mobile Bitcoin Wallet

Talk about decentralization, Bread is a simple Bitcoin wallet focused on decentralized security. Unlike the previously mentioned exchanges, your Bitcoin is stored only on your mobile device through Bread. You are able to buy Bitcoin on Bread with your bank account (1% fee), cash (ATM) and credit card (5% + 2.9% fee).

Top 100 Cryptocurrencies: Ripple, IOTA, NEO

There are a handful of exchanges that offer access to the more liquid alternative cryptocurrencies ("alt coins"). However, they can be a bit confusing for beginners.

Binance - Exchange the World

Binance offers access to ~100 coin pairs. However, it's not as simple as previously mentioned exchanges. You will need to transfer coins into Binance in order to buy into alternative coins since there is no direct way to buy into coins through credit card or bank account. You can manually transfer Bitocoin, Ethereum or Litecoin into Binance or use the Digital Golgi transfer feature to automatically transfer money into Binance without dealing with the transfer nuances.

Bittrex - The Next-Generation Digital Currency Exchange

Bittrex is one of the leading altcoin exchanges in the US and offers a significant portion of the top 100 alt coins. However, they are not currently accepting new user accounts so we won't spend too much time on them.

Exclusive Cryptocurrencies: SingularityNET, WePower, Einsteinium

KuCoin - Bitcoin Exchange

KuCoin offers a handful of unique cryptocurrencies, such as SingularityNET (AGI) - The world’s public AI network. An account is quick to set up, however it follows the same system as Binance. You'll need to transfer coins into KuCoin to begin using the platform.

Huobi - Leading Digital Asset Exchange

Huobi is another one of the leading altcoin exchanges, offering access to coins like WePower (WPR) - a blockchain based green energy platform. To get started on Huobi, you'll need to also transfer your current cryptocurrency into the platform.

Connecting Exchanges into One Dashboard

Digital Golgi - The Crypto Dashboard

With Digital Golgi you can easily manage all your cryptocurrency exchanges from one dashboard. We've created a simple interface to buy and sell any coin on any exchange. Not to mention, you can also create portfolio's of coins, liquidate your coins to USD or BTC instantly and set safeguards on your trades. You can sign up now to start buying and selling right from your mobile device.


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